AC Power Supply Brick + Cable for Xbox One Original

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  • Full Power Supply + Cable Replacement set for original Xbox One consoles
  • Includes all the cables you need to connect from any Australian wall socket to your Xbox One Console
  • Thick heavily insulated cable with a 250cm length from wall plug to console plug
  • Upgraded silenced internal fan for efficient cooling and quiet operation
  • Suitable for powering Australian & Import consoles in Australia & NZ
  • Input: 100-240V AC 1.78A 47-63Hz Output: DC 135W - 12V 10.83A and 5Vsb 1A
  • Not compatible with Xbox One S or Xbox One X

Introducing the Replacement Power Supply for the original Xbox One console, the perfect solution for anyone who has lost or damaged their original power supply cable. This replacement power supply includes all the necessary cables to connect your console to any Australian wall socket, so you can get back to gaming in no time. Please note, this power supply is not suitable for the Xbox One S or Xbox One X.

The power supply features a thick, heavily insulated cable with a length of 250cm from the wall plug to the console plug. This ensures that the cable is durable and able to withstand any wear and tear, while also providing you with enough length to set up your console wherever you like. Additionally, it includes an upgraded silenced internal fan to keep the unit cool and operating efficiently without disturbing your gaming experience.

This replacement power supply is suitable for powering both Australian and import consoles in Australia and New Zealand, making it a versatile choice for all users in the region. Whether you're a casual or serious gamer, this power supply will ensure that you can keep playing without any interruptions.

Overall, this Replacement Power Supply is a reliable and convenient option for anyone who needs to replace their power supply cable. With its sturdy construction and easy-to-use design, you can rest assured that your console will stay powered up and ready for action.