Original Fat Xbox 360 - to - XBox 360 Slim Power Supply Adapter

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This handy adaptor is designed to allow you to use an older style Xbox 360 Power Supply on the newer Xbox 360 Slim (Xbox 360 S) consoles. It provides a convenient solution if you have an older power supply lying around and need to power your Xbox 360 Slim console.

  • Use an original Fat Xbox 360 Power Supply to power an Xbox 360 Slim (360S) console, saving you from having to purchase a new power supply.
  • Perfect if you already have an older style power supply and need to power your Xbox 360 Slim console.
  • Easy to use: simply snap this adaptor onto the plug of your old power supply and connect the other end of the adaptor to your Xbox 360 Slim console.
  • Compatible with all older Xbox 360 Power Supplies and Xbox 360 Slim consoles sold worldwide, providing versatility and convenience.
  • Features a quality design with plastic moulded strain relief plugs and heavily insulated cable, ensuring durability and reliable performance.

Don't let your old Xbox 360 Power Supply go to waste. Use this handy adaptor to power your Xbox 360 Slim console and enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions. With its quality design and compatibility with both older and newer Xbox 360 consoles, this adaptor is a practical accessory for any Xbox 360 gamer.