Rechargeable Battery (3600mAh) Black for Wii Remote Controllers

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Enhance your Nintendo Wii gaming experience with this rechargeable battery pack for your Wii remote. Say goodbye to constantly buying and replacing batteries, and enjoy longer playing time with the impressive 3600mAh capacity of this battery pack.

  • Hassle-free charging: Use the included USB charger cable to conveniently charge the battery pack while you play or when the controller is not in use. You can charge from a Wii USB port or any other available USB port, such as on your PC, making it easy and convenient to keep your Wii remote charged and ready for gaming.
  • Matching design: The battery pack features a design that matches perfectly with the Nintendo Wii remote, seamlessly integrating with your gaming setup.
  • Charge indicator light: A charge indicator light on the battery pack allows you to easily confirm that the battery is charging, so you know when it's ready for use.
  • Durable and reliable: The USB charger cable is made tough with strain relief plugs, ensuring trouble-free operation and durability during extended gaming sessions.
  • Longer playing time: With a huge 3600mAh capacity, this battery pack provides longer playing time between charges, allowing you to game for extended periods without worrying about running out of power.

Upgrade your Nintendo Wii remote with this rechargeable battery pack and enjoy the convenience of longer playing time and hassle-free charging. With its matching design, charge indicator light, and durable construction, this battery pack is a perfect addition to any Wii gaming setup. Say goodbye to disposable batteries and enjoy uninterrupted gaming with this high-capacity rechargeable battery pack.