Power Cable Lead for Original Microsoft Xbox Console

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Ensure reliable power supply for your original Microsoft Xbox console with this brand new power cable. Perfect as a replacement for a lost or damaged original cable, this cable connects from the wall power outlet to the back of your original Xbox console, allowing you to power up and enjoy your gaming sessions.

  • Designed specifically for the original Microsoft Xbox console, providing compatibility and reliability for this specific console version.
  • Not suitable for the Xbox 360 or Xbox One consoles. Please note that this cable is only intended for use with the original Xbox console.
  • Features a durable design with quality strain relief moulded plugs and a tough PVC insulated cord, ensuring durability and longevity for long-term use.
  • Cable length of 180cm (1.8 meters) provides flexibility in placement and setup of your original Xbox console.
  • Suitable for use in Australian and New Zealand regions only, ensuring compliance with local power standards.

Upgrade your power cable for your original Xbox console with this high-quality replacement cable, and enjoy uninterrupted gaming without worrying about power supply issues. With its durable design and compatibility with the original Xbox console, this power cable is a reliable and convenient accessory for your gaming setup.