Nintendo AV Cable for Gamecube, Nintendo 64 & Super Nintendo

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This Stereo Audio/Video Cable is a must-have for connecting your Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo 64 (N64), or Super Nintendo (SNES) console to your TV or receiver via its composite RCA AV inputs. Whether you need a replacement for a lost or damaged cable, or simply want to improve your gaming setup, this cable is designed to provide reliable audio and video connections.

  • Compatible with GameCube, N64, and SNES consoles sold worldwide, ensuring compatibility with your console regardless of region.
  • Allows you to connect your console to your TV or receiver's composite RCA AV inputs, providing clear audio and video signals for optimal gaming experience.
  • Features a quality 1.8m (180cm) long flexible cable, providing ample length for convenient placement of your console and TV/receiver.
  • Designed with strain relief plugs for durability, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting connection.
  • An ideal replacement for lost or damaged cables, providing a cost-effective solution to restore audio and video connectivity to your gaming console.

Upgrade your gaming setup with this Stereo Audio/Video Cable and enjoy crisp audio and video quality while playing your favorite Nintendo GameCube, N64, or SNES games.